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Beautiful new entryway in Orlando.

Take a look at this new entryway in the Williamsburg neighborhood of Orlando. A flagstone patio like this could cost you up to $15-20 per square foot, not including the demo cost involved with ripping up your existing concrete.  With Concrete Designs of Florida you can have the same look for a mere fraction of that price.  This homeowner will enjoy her patio for many years to come.



After. Beautiful flagstone.











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Beautiful Slate Entryway!

Many people, including myself, love the look of natural tile.  Whether it’s slate, travertine, marble or granite, the look of natural stone transforms any outdoor area into an outdoor retreat.  These Brevard County homeowners will surely enjoy their slate tile entryway, by Concrete Designs of Florida, for years to come.

This patio will never suffer from tiles breaking or grout lines cracking like normal tile.  This slate tile patio is a strong as the concrete slab it is etched in.

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Check out our most recent project.

Dodging tropical storm Debby last week we managed to squeeze in this beautiful pool deck.  This is a wonderful example of how we can transform a normal pool deck into a work of art.  This flagstone design and the custom pavers around the pool are sure to be enjoyed by the homeowner for years to come.



Random stone design etched in concrete


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