Flagstone Pool Deck

What a complete transformation.  This beautiful new flagstone pool deck is definitely going to make these Orlando home owners happy for many years.  We always tell everyone when we get finished transforming your pool deck or patio, it is like adding another room to your house.



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Tile patio with insert

I must admit this patio is one of my all time favorites.  I really have a love of travertine and it is an extra bonus when we have concrete in perfect condition to do a tile with insert design.  Absolutely beautiful.



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Great new look for Orlando pool deck.

Great before and after pictures of this beautiful pool deck.  I honestly think this is one of the prettiest pool decks we have ever done.  Love the bold terra cotta colors and the tile and flagstone design transitioned together.

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Tile pool deck

Take a look at this amazing pool deck in Melbourne Beach area.  We completed this job many years ago and recently touched up and resealed it.  I personally love this color  combination of slate tile and a bright granite border tile.

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Melbourne Beach patio

The durability of our stain and our process is unmatched.  It’s very hard to believe being a block from the ocean, enduring tropical storms and hurricanes, that this patio was originally completed almost 10 years ago.  We just cleaned it, touched up some of the stain, and added a new coat of sealer.  Now the homeowners will enjoy their backyard oasis for years to come.

Being a block from the beach definitely has benefits at lunchtime!!


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Flagstone pool deck

Very hard to believe that this beautiful pool deck was originally stained almost 9 years ago.  All it needed was a good cleaning, some touch up where the stain had faded, and a new coat of sealer to make this pool deck look brand new.  We’d like to thank the customers for taking such great care of their deck all these years.

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Palm Bay patio.

It really is amazing to think that this patio was completely cracked up 5 years ago.  In fact the homeowner, Mr. V, was unsure of what exactly they were going to do about the patio.  They had a few companies stop by and give estimates on different types of overlays.  However, the homeowner had a good friend, who worked in concrete for many years advise him against overlays.  His friend said this because he knew that the overlay material will break where the cracks in the concrete are.  His friend loved how we used the cracks in his concrete as part of the design.

Here is Mr. V’s patio 5 years later.  We just gave it a good cleaning and a coat of sealer to make it look brand new.

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Indian Harbour Beach Club

What a great time of year to go to the beach.  Before the holidays we spend a couple days cleaning and resealing the Indian Harbour Beach Club in Brevard county, which we originally finished almost 5 years ago.  The elevator landings receives a lot of traffic from people dragging luggage and carts over them continuously and they still look great.  We didn’t even have to touch the pool deck at all, it still looks beautiful.

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Update on customer featured in Florida Today

We recently completed our first re-seal of the driveway featured in the 2005 Florida Today article.  We were very pleased with the condition.  Only a few minor touch up spots and a new coat of sealer, the driveway looks as good as new.





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The trouble with overylay or stamped concrete.

People get tricked into this sometimes.  It sounds great they have aggressive sales staff that tells you how durable and beautiful their products are.  Do not fall for it!


This happens when an overlay is applied over a joint or a crack.

This is what happens when water seeps underneath overlay or stamped concrete.

If an area isn’t completely clean the overlay will delaminate over time.


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