patio refinishing

Oceanfront travertine patio


Great before and after pictures of this beautiful patio.  There’s nothing like the look of travertine… absolutely timeless.





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Winter Park patio

IMG_4468This plain, ordinary bare concrete patio got a sleek and modern makeover with a stunning, contemporary linear tile in a muted charcoal palette. This patio is one of my all time favorites.





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Tile entryway in Indiatlantic

Love these colors, this marble tile entryway is absolutely stunning. And can you believe we originally cut and stained this entryway in January 2005?  That’s right it was completed eight and a half years ago.

We recently gave it a good cleaning, a new coat of sealer and it looks brand new.   This entryway has the beauty of tile but the durability of concrete.  These tiles wont shatter if you drop something heavy on them, and they won’t become loose due to extreme florida weather.


IMG_2462 IMG_2461


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Indian Harbour Beach Patio

Flagstone Patio

Flagstone Patio


Beautiful flagstone patio in Indian Harbour Beach.  I personally love the color choice for this one, it really compliments the house.  Now these homeowners will have a wonderful time watching the manatees from their beautiful flagstone patio.   Click Here to take a look at what they had to say about their new patio.

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Melbourne Beach patio

The durability of our stain and our process is unmatched.  It’s very hard to believe being a block from the ocean, enduring tropical storms and hurricanes, that this patio was originally completed almost 10 years ago.  We just cleaned it, touched up some of the stain, and added a new coat of sealer.  Now the homeowners will enjoy their backyard oasis for years to come.

Being a block from the beach definitely has benefits at lunchtime!!


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Palm Bay patio.

It really is amazing to think that this patio was completely cracked up 5 years ago.  In fact the homeowner, Mr. V, was unsure of what exactly they were going to do about the patio.  They had a few companies stop by and give estimates on different types of overlays.  However, the homeowner had a good friend, who worked in concrete for many years advise him against overlays.  His friend said this because he knew that the overlay material will break where the cracks in the concrete are.  His friend loved how we used the cracks in his concrete as part of the design.

Here is Mr. V’s patio 5 years later.  We just gave it a good cleaning and a coat of sealer to make it look brand new.

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New Slate Patio.

Great before and after of a concrete patio transformed into a beautiful backyard paradise.  Unlike real tile that can crack or become detached, this tile is as strong as the concrete slab it’s engraved in.  And with very little maintenance this homeowner will enjoy their patio for years to come.




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Patio in Orlando completely transformed.

Great before and after shots of one of our latest projects.  This patio was engraved in a flagstone pattern, and stained with a deep green slate finish to compliment the look of the house.  Now the homeowner will enjoy her new transformed patio for years to come.



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Beautiful new entryway in Orlando.

Take a look at this new entryway in the Williamsburg neighborhood of Orlando. A flagstone patio like this could cost you up to $15-20 per square foot, not including the demo cost involved with ripping up your existing concrete.  With Concrete Designs of Florida you can have the same look for a mere fraction of that price.  This homeowner will enjoy her patio for many years to come.



After. Beautiful flagstone.











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Another recent project.

Great example of before and after.  This is one of our more recent jobs.  A complete transformation from normal concrete to a beautiful flagstone patio.  At the homeowners request we added a custom sandal design.

Read their testimonial here

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