slate tile

Tile pool deck

Take a look at this amazing pool deck in Melbourne Beach area.  We completed this job many years ago and recently touched up and resealed it.  I personally love this color  combination of slate tile and a bright granite border tile.

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New Slate Patio.

Great before and after of a concrete patio transformed into a beautiful backyard paradise.  Unlike real tile that can crack or become detached, this tile is as strong as the concrete slab it’s engraved in.  And with very little maintenance this homeowner will enjoy their patio for years to come.




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Beautiful Slate Entryway!

Many people, including myself, love the look of natural tile.  Whether it’s slate, travertine, marble or granite, the look of natural stone transforms any outdoor area into an outdoor retreat.  These Brevard County homeowners will surely enjoy their slate tile entryway, by Concrete Designs of Florida, for years to come.

This patio will never suffer from tiles breaking or grout lines cracking like normal tile.  This slate tile patio is a strong as the concrete slab it is etched in.

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