Roland & Shirley

We went to the Orlando Home Show specifically to find a way to dress up our plain white pool deck. We talked with contractors about overlays and etching, but when we met Eric and looked through his book of photos we were hooked. Eric, Jim and Karen came out and gave us a quote as well as a detailed explanation of the process and the durability of the product. Even so, we just didn’t realize the artistic work that was required by Karen scooting around on a cart, hand coloring every one of the “stones” they had cut into the old pool deck.

We expected the pool deck to look better than before, but we really were not prepared for the major transformation. The pool area changed from an ordinary painted deck to the appearance of a custom stone deck trimmed with pavers. It’s really even better than that because the stones won’t shift and the grout won’t crack.


Everyone who sees the pool deck is very impressed with the workmanship and the result. Concrete Designs of Florida has already gained one additional customer because they liked the way our pool looked after the transformation.


We expect to continue relaxing in this beautiful pool area for many years to come


Roland & Shirley N.
Sanford Fl


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